One of the best benefits of living in New England is the opportunity to enjoy the unique character and identity of all of our great cities and towns. In many parts of the country, “the suburbs” are just a collection of support systems that provide housing and services to the working populations of nearby major cities. There are great resources for prospective home buyers to research important quantitative data for those suburbs, such as tax rates, real estate values, school ratings, and employment. In Massachusetts, choosing the next community you’ll call home is about so much more than data. Our cities and towns have developed individually for hundreds of years, with each one carving a unique path through history. Every community has its own culture, history, character and style. Many even have diversity among the villages and neighborhoods within. While there are countless resources available to research municipal data, there is no great comprehensive resource for prospective buyers to research the qualities that truly define life in a new community.

Music Street Realty is excited to fill that void by introducing our new blog series: Municipal Mondays. On many Mondays, we will publish a blog entry that features a community in Eastern Massachusetts, and that blog will coincide with a new permanent community page on our website. The focus of Municipal Monday is to provide a fun and informative overview of qualitative characteristics of each community, such as:

  • History
  • Architecture
  • Villages and Neighborhoods
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Dining and Nightlife
  • Community Development and Objectives
  • Landmarks and Sightseeing

Every Municipal Monday will be followed by Top Ten Tuesday – a list of our ten favorite then-existing real estate listings from Monday’s featured city or town. We hope the Municipal Monday series will be a great resource to our readers, not only for those who are prospective buyers but also for anyone interested in learning about the many wonderful cities and towns in Massachusetts. Get ready for next week’s introductory entry, featuring Franklin, the home of our headquarters!

If you’d like to recommend a community to be featured in our series, or would like to suggest additions or revisions to any of our entries, be sure to comment on our posts, or e-mail us at!